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The fabric of our culture and the framework for our decisions are:







We are a small but motivated company founded in 2016, specializing in finding the right source for all your fabric requirements at the right price. We source our fabrics from our wide network in the Far East including from China, India, Indonesia and Thailand.


Our fabrics include:

  • Eyelets & embroideries on various base fabrics like cottons, Poly-Cottons, Tulles, Polyesters like Chiffon, Organzas, and various types as allovers, borders, appliques etc. including Guipres

  • Embroidery trims and endings on all bases including chemical trimmings

  • Grey, RFD and dyed fabrics across 100% cotton and cotton blends

  • Yarn dyed fabrics including seersuckers

  • Fine Voiles and shirting fabrics in 2/100s and above counts

We believe passionately in quality products and excellent service, which is why we commit ourselves to giving you the best of both. If you are looking for something  new, you are in the right place. We strive to be industrious and innovative, offering our customers something they want and putting their desires at the top of our priority list.

With the core team having a vast experinece of over 35 years in various segments of the textile industry, you can be assured of being in safe hands for all your textile and fabric needs.

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